Non-Toxic Toys: Tips On Buying Safe Toys For Your Kids

In recent years there have been news reports regarding children’s toys that test positive for lead and other toxic materials. Since kids often end up putting their toys in their mouths, it is a good idea to focus on only buying them non-toxic toys for children as opposed to the conventional, mass marketed toys that are made in factories with less than stellar reputations.

Choosing a safe toy for your children does not have to be a complicated process. In fact, there are some toy makers who specialize in creating only toys that are made out of natural, non-toxic materials. To help you make smarter choices when shopping for non-toxic toys for kids, follow some of the tips that we have put together below.

Avoid Plastic Toys

One of the easiest ways to avoid giving your child toxic toy is to avoid those that are made out of plastic. You see, plastic is made from petroleum, which means that when your little one chews on a plastic toy, he is getting nasty petrochemicals in his body. And I do not know about you, but that is definitely NOT something that I want in my kids’ bodies. The toys can also have things like lead and phthalates in them, which you definitely do not want your kids putting into their bodies.

If you absolutely have to buy a plastic toy, check the coding number on the bottom. The safer plastics are numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Choose Toys Made From Natural Materials

When possible, try to buy only kids toys that come from natural items. This includes things like wooden toys that are not painted with any toxic paints, cloth toys made from natural organic fabrics and plush toys of the same materials.

Some toys will appear to be made of plastic or vinyl, but are actually made out of natural rubber with non-toxic paints. There are great options, especially for babies.

Skip Battery Operated Toys

Regardless of how tempting some toys may be, it is best to skip those that are battery operated. As you may already know, batteries can leak some pretty toxic substances. And even worse, you do not want those batteries to accidently end up in your child’s mouth. As a result, it is best to just skip any toys that require batteries to operate.

No Metal Toys

Like the battery operated toys, it is best to skip those that are made of metal. This includes things like little toy cars and toy jewelry. The metals used in these cheap toys can contain toxic carcinogens, which you definitely do not want your kids to handle.